Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Wonders of Voice Activated Switch

The Voice Activated Switch and its Uses

The voice activated switch is actually just a simple circuit where you can find basic electronic parts. Its uses could be wonder to many but to some professionals in the electronics industry, it's nothing new. The purpose of this blog post is to simplify things about the voice activated switch and make newbies in electronics understand that what ever use these gadgets have, they are one of the simplest stuff that you can use in so many things in the house alone and no need to understand that they are widely used in industries and technology, especially digital electronics.

Voice Activated Switch Basic Principle of Operation

The most basic principle of the voice activated switch is that it is a circuit that uses sound in general as the main source of signal that triggers an electronic relay switch. The input sound will come from a small transducer or a mini microphone that transmits the sound to the whole circuit by converting sound energy into some signal that can generate enough power to make the relay switch contact. So, basically thinking it simple in terms of electronics, the voice activated switch is a special electronic gadget that may be used as a switch to operate small to bigger machines and even the simplest bulbs by the use of a sound that it feeds to the circuit to enable the contact points of an electronic relay switch.

Various Uses of the Voice Activated Switch

Although in general, the voice activated switch is used literally as a switch, many would spend time thinking about how they can be used for a special purpose because they lack the familiarity regarding its basic uses. Firsthand, I would like to give special mention about the gadget and thanks to the amusement park where I work that I came to understand about it. So this is already an idea here. Yes! They can be used and is actually used in many amusement machines here in the Philippines and in many other parts of the world where there are amusement parks and amusement machines.

This is the part where most beginners in electronics would think that this specific gadget is actually a very complicated electronics circuit but is in fact just a simple switch made to become complicated because it is used in special purposes. Another use of the voice activated switch is in lights as I have mentioned earlier in this post. How? First you must understand that in order to function, you need to simulate any kind of sound for the circuit to function. You can actually use a finger tap in the wood or a metal sheet where you have to put the small microphone or transducer where the circuit will detect the sound signal coming from the finger tapping. You have to put it where it is most ideal and could be sensed by the receiving end. So you now have a short clue. Yes you can use it in a garage. You can actually put it behind some metal sheet, in this case, a roll up or some small metal enough to detect the sound when yo make a tap on it. Then tap the relay switch to the switch that activates the roll up so that whenever you make a move by tapping that metal sheet where you put the transducer, you will automatically open the roll up. Same principle applies to all other uses and gadgets in the house or at the office. You can use it in the television, radio, window blinds, air conditioning unit and pretty much anywhere you want as long as you know what type of parts specifications will match the gadget where you want to use it.

Of course there are many other uses and it will maybe take years for me just to enumerate them as we all know that switches are the most common that we see everywhere we go. It si actually just up to you to make some advance views and be optimistic and a little bit crafty to make the most of the special electronic gadget in the voice activated switch.

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